Why You Need an Emergency Fund – Successful Money Management Tip

Why You Need an Emergency Fund

Are you wondering why you should have an emergency fund? I am sure you’ve heard it many times before, it’s considered one of the most important aspects of successful money management – having an emergency fund. An emergency fund is where you stash cash so you’re prepared for those unexpected emergencies that life throws at […]

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The Time Value of Opportunity – Filling The Pig Personal Finance Books

Time Value of Opportunity

The time value of opportunity is the ability to recognize money saving or money making opportunities (events) that will benefit you over the course of a lifetime. The key word being recognize.  For example, in relationship to vehicle insurance.  Most think of vehicle insurance as a single annual occurrence. You pay your premium every year […]

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3 Reasons You Should Budget Your Money, And it’s Not Because You will Save More Money

3 Reasons You Should Budget Your Money

Who really likes to budget their money?  According to a recent Gallup Poll, only 30 percent of adults polled actually budget their money.  For most budgeting ranks right up there with root canals, doing their own taxes and colonoscopies. And it’s no wonder, budgeting can feel restrictive and is a time-consuming process. It makes us […]

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