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Recommended Reading From FTP - Amazon Books


Recommended Reading From FTP, My List of Amazon Books



I often write about how the state of our finances can influence the other areas of our life. The impact on our career, family, how we live and where we live. Are we creating opportunities for ourselves or do we feel there is no opportunity, no future? Do we feel empowered and confident or do we feel stuck? This viewpoint takes an approach that starts with money. 

However, one thing I have learned is just like how our finances can overflow into other areas of our life, the reverse is true. If we are challenged in other areas. Like our career, our family or with ourselves these things can impact how successful we are with our money. 

Sometimes the way to move forward if we are feeling stuck is to gain a different perspective. To look at things from a different angle, or gain insight into what others are doing. 

The list below is my recommended reading list of books for creating change and gaining a different perspective and insight on life. And of course, improving your finances. 

Note: all of the recommendations are available via Amazon books.


Just Added

The Happiness Trap - Russ Harris


Are you struggling with life? Or maybe everything in your life is great, but you can’t stop thinking about everything that could go wrong. The Happiness Trap will teach you how to leverage ACT – a method for dealing with the issue of happiness and life satisfaction.