Free Personal Finance Tools


Free Personal Finance Tools


Free Personal Finance Tools – Save Money, Budget, Manage Debt, Invest

Tools for Successful Money Management
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A different way to learn about money. You won’t receive a certificate, degree or fancy diploma, but you will learn more about money. Check out my free email courses here.



The Ultimate Free Personal Finance Tool – Filling The Pig Workbook


Free Personal Finance Tools


All of the worksheets and templates provided in Workbook are designed to be printed (PDF Format), and completed manually (that’s right, “old school”, pen to paper).  Why? Because the process of manually writing down your plan. And objectives will help reinforce the positive behaviors you’re looking to achieve.  The templates can be used as a guide to creating your own personal finance strategy or be used in their existing format.

Try using these worksheets for three (3) months, to track your personal finances.  After three months you will have a better understanding of your finances and be on the road to saving cash, paying off debt and creating your own Lifestyle of Opportunities.

Workbook contains the following:

Snowball Method – Debt Reduction Worksheet
Establishing an Emergency Fund using the Cash Ladder Concept
Creating a Simple Budget
Build a Simple Five-Year Plan with Objectives – To Stay Motivated




FTP Personal Finance Videos

How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt using the Snowball Method
Research a Stock using Yahoo Finance
How to Research a Mutual Fund using T. Rowe Price
How to Track Stocks and Mutual Funds Using Yahoo Finance

What is a Lifestyle of Opportunities?

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Financial Calculators

Sometimes seeing is believing.  Follow the step-by-step examples to evaluate your credit card debt, or see how much money you can make by saving a little. 



FTP Monthly Budget Tracker

Free Personal Finance Tools - Monthly Budget Tracker

Provides a simple means of tracking your monthly expenses.  Try it for 3 months to find out where your money is going. Budget Tracker provides:

  • 15 Common personal finance categories to help you allocate your expenses.
  • 4 Categories you can customize on your own.
  • Detailed description column so you can better understand what each expense is for.
  • Tracks money you allocate for savings.
  • Monthly summary of expense categories and graphical presentation.
  • 3 Month summary of expense categories and graphical presentation.
  • Printable
  • Microsoft Excel Format.


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