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Thanks for visiting my personal finance blog, A blog dedicated to successful money management. I’m glad your here.

I started Filling The Pig because I believe there is a need to take a different approach to personal finance.  An approach that is simple, direct, and easy to understand.  A perspective that is less about creating the right budget, using the right credit card or following the latest trend. 

An approach that focuses more on the basics, getting educated, thinking differently, and saving money – Cash!

Sure, you can read a whole bunch of articles on how someone paid off $75,000 of debt in one year. Clip coupons monthly to save a dollar or two, or maybe consolidate your debt to save some money on interest with the goal of paying your debt off faster.  They’re all great ideas and if these things keep you motivated then, by all means, use them.

However, my experiences with debt (and I have had my share), saving money and making more money have taught me three critical lessons that I believe are the most important aspects of successful money management.

  1. Cash is King.  If you can start to save money regardless of how little, you can manage your way out of debt and save more.  No cash, no savings – stay in debt!
  2. Money is Emotional. Your emotions affect your behaviors and your beliefs.  Understand how money affects you emotionally and you can change your behaviors.  Change your behaviors and beliefs and you can quickly eliminate debt and find more ways to save or make more money.
  3. Building Wealth is Progressive. It starts by first saving money (cash).  Then managing your way out of debt, and finally using all that money you saved to create more opportunities. Forego any of these steps and you will eventually end up back in debt, or with no savings, or both. Successful money management is a step-by-step process.


“Life is a Journey, and Money is One of the Many Bags we Carry”


These aspects about money and how they enable you to establish a solid foundation for creating wealth are important.   So in addition to this blog I wrote an eBook series that focuses on these perspectives. After all, you can only cover so much information with a blog.


About Filling The Pig


The Benefits of Successful Money Management

Finally, I want people to understand the Lifestyle of Opportunities that are created when you start saving cash and thinking differently about your money.  Opportunities that extend far beyond your finances.  Opportunities that include the positive effects on your self-esteem, your job, your family, where you live and how you live.

If you want to get out of debt, or maybe just fine tune your money management skills to build more wealth you have come to the right place.

Check out the site, read some articles, download some free tools and then sign-up to start creating your Lifestyle of Opportunities.

About Me



I have been on both sides of the cashless, debt hemorrhaging, personal finance situation – making very little money and having debt as well as making a lot of money and having debt. In both situations, I was able to dig myself out and learn from my experiences.  I am not a financial planner, not a millionaire and I didn’t receive some massive inheritance. However, I have managed large budgets in the corporate world, ran three of my own businesses on the side and invest in the stock market.


A Bit More About Me:

  • Been doing my own taxes since I was 16. (I like knowing how, why and where my money is going – kind of nerdy isn’t it?)
  • Have been audited by the IRS (It wasn’t a big deal. I was running multiple businesses so it raised a red flag – it wasn’t a bad experience, and I learned a lot.  Can you say nerdy again.)
  • My previous side businesses have included: an equipment flipping business where I made over $30,000 in 4 months, real estate flipping and rental and an outdoor equipment rental business.  (I love business and the challenges and opportunities it provides)
  • I actively participate in the stock market buying and selling stocks and mutual funds – but I am not a day-trader.  In 2008 when the stock market crashed I invested $10,000, a year later my account had a little over $18,000 in it.  In 2016 my return was 36%.
  • Have been told I have the ability to take complex subjects and simplify them.  (My goal is to make personal finance simple!)

I believe I can provide a unique perspective on money, saving cash, managing debt and creating financial independence.

Throughout this blog, I reference saving cash as the catalyst for creating a Lifestyle of Opportunities.  My opportunity started in 2015 when I left my corporate job (let’s call it semi-retired). For me, saving cash allowed me to take time off, move back to the family farm in Wisconsin and do “farm stuff”.  The family farm was my lifestyle change and opportunity.

On a more personal note.  Am a Star Trek fan, love the outdoors – hiking, hobby farming and cutting trees – even though I have allergies. Love animals and have five goats and a dog. Enjoy reading all kinds of books, check out my recommended books here.  I try to live a healthy lifestyle even though I like potato chips (Old Dutch).


Successful Money Management Starts Here! About Filling The Pig


I think it’s important to emphasize the lifestyle opportunities saving cash provides, so I created a separate blog category My Opportunity In Pictures/Vids, where I document the opportunities and experiences I have been afforded living on the farm. 

Of course, living on a farm is not everyone’s idea of opportunity, but whatever your idea of opportunity is I assure you cash is the foundation, for successful money management.

I hope you find my blog and eBook series useful, please visit often.


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