What You Shouldn’t Do with Your Holiday Credit Card Debt, and How to Avoid a Repeat Next Year

  Every year after the holidays, millions of Americans complete their holiday festivities by traveling home, going back to work, returning unwanted gifts and enter the year with aspirations of sticking to their new year resolutions. Then about mid to late January, many will receive their first credit card statement or statements. Detailing just how […]

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Cutting Cable, Saving Money and Getting Comfortable with Feeling Uncomfortable

  It’s been eight months since I cut the proverbial cable cord. That’s right, no more Fox News, no TNT, History channel or HBO. Actually, it was DirecTV, so I guess you could say I cut the satellite signal to eliminate premium TV services. (Cutting cable, cutting DirecTV to save money – same difference right?) […]

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Should You Use a 0% Balance Transfer Offer to Pay Off Debt?

Should I Use a 0% Balance Transfer Offer to Pay Off My Current Debt?

  You’ve seen these offers advertised before?   An Insane Credit Card Offering 0% Interest Transferring Your Balance to a 21-Month 0% APR is Ingenious Demolish Your Debt with this 18-Month 0% Credit Card   Are you considering a 0% balance transfer offer to pay off debt? Or maybe consolidate your debt.   These days […]

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Understanding the Debt Trap from the Outside In – the Marketing of Debt in America

Marketing of Debt in America

Most often the discussion surrounding consumer debt focuses on how to get out of debt, why debt is bad, and why saving money is good.  In addition, debt is often a topic of interest for many personal finance books, blogs, and websites, including Filling The Pig.  These perspectives are educational, relevant and important to the […]

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Why the Snowball Method Works – Empowerment, Momentum and Confidence

Why the Snowball Method Works

The Snowball Method is one of the most talked about concepts for eliminating debt. For some it’s viewed as the only way to pay off debt (i.e. FTP), for others it’s viewed as an impractical approach because it doesn’t take into consideration the interest rate you’re paying on your debt. However, regardless of what debt […]

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How Many Credit Cards Should You Have? My Credit Score with One Credit Card

Dump Credit Card Debt

  Actually, the real question might be – how many credit cards should you have based on what the credit card companies think? Ever since I started blogging about personal finance topics I have wanted to write an article focused on credit cards. Specifically the number of credit cards you should have. Because I believe […]

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The Art of Being a Cheapskate – How I Successfully Manage My Budget

The Art of Being a Cheapskate

  It’s that feeling of being restricted or confined, like sitting in the middle seat of a commercial airliner knowing you’re going to have to inconvenience someone when you have to use the bathroom. The perspective that you have to give something up. Like wanting to watch your favorite football game or that new episode of […]

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Lower Your Taxes and Start Investing by Opening a Traditional IRA Account For Retirement

Reduce Your Taxes and Start Investing by Opening a Traditional IRA Account

  Throughout the year, but most often during tax season, the subject of contributing to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) comes up. IRAs are in the news, advertised on T.V., in print and of course on the Internet. Banks, credit unions and brokerage firms promoting the tax benefits of opening a Traditional IRA account with […]

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