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Learn How to Invest – 3 Steps to Start Investing Email Course

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If you’ve never considered managing your own investments, or pondered the thought of trying to comprehend the world of investing, it’s probably because of two main reasons. First, all the jargon, cryptic terminology, opinions and investment solutions make the subject confusing. So confusing you may not be sure where to even begin. Or maybe it’s because your perspective on investing is that you need a lot of money to even start.

However, I can tell you from past experience that learning how to invest is actually a very simple process. You just need to know how to begin.


Learn How to Invest


Before we learn to ride a bike, we learn to ride a tricycle or maybe one of those over sized plastic “big wheel” trikes. Before we learn to multiply and divide we learn to add and subtract. These processes for learning work because we start by understanding the basic fundamentals. Understanding the basics first allows us to hone our skills and build confidence, so we can progress to the next step and take on more complex tasks.

Investing is no different, if you start with a simple understanding of the basic fundamentals of investing, you will eventually progress to a better understanding of how the big picture works.

And that’s why I created a new email course called 3 Steps to Start Investing

The course is designed to help individuals start investing by provide a rock solid foundation from which to learn from. Once you learn the basics you can progressively learn the next steps – just like riding a bike.

In 3 Steps to Start Investing you will learn:

  1. The basic terminology and the math behind making money through investments. (the condensed version, what you really need to know to start)
  2. About the eight most common investment vehicles so you understand where to make money. (investments you can start leveraging today)
  3. Investment strategies so you can gain a perspective on how to make money by creating a simple strategy. (Not opinions, but real life examples of what people really do to start investing.)

The course uses a combination of short articles to read and video’s. In addition, each email provides a simple online exercise to help reinforce the subject matter discussed.

If you want to start investing, are new to investing, or maybe you’re thinking about retirement planning, sign up for my free course and start feeling more knowledgeable, confident and empowered.

The journey to investing starts with a single step, start here.



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Kevin is the owner of FTP and the author of the personal finance book series Filling The Pig. He uses his past successes and failures with debt, saving cash, investing and running home-based businesses to educate others about successful money managment and Creating a Lifestyle of Opportunities.

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