Simple Investing – The Effect of Compounding Interest or Rate of Return

Effect of Compounding Interest

It’s probably the single most important mathematical concept to understand about investing. The effect compounding interest or a rate of return has on your money over time. It’s important because it can significantly change your perspective on how much money you invest, where you invest and how soon you should start. When I was in […]

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Take Control of Your Personal Finances in Three Months

How are you doing with your personal finances?  Struggling with debt?  Trying to save money?  Sick of living paycheck to paycheck? What if it was possible to change your personal finance situation in three months? What if you could shift, or “move the ball” to change your perspective on money and alter things for the […]

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Paying Off Debt, Saving Money and Creating a Lifestyle of Opportunities.

Paying Off Debt, Saving Money and Creating a Lifestyle of Opportunities

I am often asked about the Filling The Pig mantra “Creating a Lifestyle of Opportunities”, what does it really mean? The dictionary defines Lifestyle and Opportunities like this. Lifestyle – the way in which a person or group lives. Opportunity (plural opportunities), – a set of circumstances that makes something possible. From a Filling The […]

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The Time Value of Opportunity – Saving Money and Making More Money.

Time Value of Opportunity

The time value of opportunity is the ability to recognize money saving or money making opportunities (events) that will benefit you over the course of a lifetime. The key word being recognize.  For example, in relationship to vehicle insurance.  Most think of vehicle insurance as a single annual occurrence. You pay your premium every year […]

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