twin kid goats

What do Twin Goat Kids and Personal Finance have in Common?

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It’s About Creating Opportunity!

For me, taking control of my personal finances created opportunities.  One of those opportunities was leaving my corporate job, moving back to the family farm, and raising some animals (read more…) – and that’s where the goats come in.  I’m not a goat farmer nor do I care to be, but I do like animals.  Raising goats and living out in the country is the opportunity that was afforded me once I eliminated my debt and saved money.

Of course everyone’s perspective on opportunity is different.  Farm life and goats are not for everyone.  However, if you want to create your own opportunity, change our lifestyle, live life on your own terms, start by taking control of your personal finances.

Enjoy the pics.

These guys were born March 3rd at 8:30 pm, one billy and one doe.  I think they have doubled in size in only two weeks.  Stay tuned for more pics and videos as they grow. Check out the latest YouTube video below.


Goat sweater made from a pair of my long johns.  It was cold the day after they were born.

goat sweater 

 Keeping warm in the morning.

twin kid goats


mom with goats

A few days after they were born, already scoping out the birthing stall.

twin kid goats

personal finance


Check out the Kids latest video. 

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Kevin is the owner of FTP and the author of the personal finance book series Filling The Pig. He uses his past successes and failures with debt, saving cash, investing and running home-based businesses to educate others about successful money managment and Creating a Lifestyle of Opportunities.

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