Think Differently About Your Finances

Think Different About Your Money Free Email Course


The journey to financial independence is seldom a direct path.

Everyone’s circumstances are different – their needs, wants and goals. In addition, there are a host of opinions, perspectives and insights that can influence which path to take.

However, the questions are often the same.

  • How to Pay Off Debt?
  • How to Save Money or Make More Money?
  • How to Invest?

They’re all important questions when creating your own financial plan for success, a plan that leads to creating your own Lifestyle of Opportunities. Opportunities that extend far beyond money. Opportunities that effect your emotions, behaviors, career, family, where you live and how you live.

But how do you get started creating a financial plan? How do you take that first step and start the journey?

Sometimes the best way to get started with anything is to seek out a different perspective. To learn about new ideas and new ways to approach the same situation, to think “outside the box” – to think differently.

If you’re feeling stuck with your finances, or maybe just want to gain a different perspective on successful money management, I have created a simple email course designed to provide you with some different ideas and insights on personal finance.

This course has no action items or to do lists. No surveys or tests to complete. Simply put, it’s a course designed to get you to think different about your money.

From managing debt, to saving money, to investing, sign up today and learn how to think about money from a different perspective.





Kevin is the owner of FTP and an author of the personal finance book series Filling The Pig. He uses his own past successes with debt, saving cash, investing and running his own home based businesses to teach others about Creating a Lifestyle of Opportunities.


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