Take Control of Your Finances in Three Months – The Looking Back, Looking Forward Conundrum

Are you struggling with debt? Trying to save money? Sick of living paycheck to paycheck? What if it was possible to take control of your finances in three months? What if you could shift, or “move the ball” to change your perspective on money and alter things for the rest of your life.     Like […]

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The Time Value of Opportunity – Filling The Pig Personal Finance Books

Time Value of Opportunity

The time value of opportunity is the ability to recognize money saving or money making opportunities (events) that will benefit you over the course of a lifetime. The key word being recognize.  For example, in relationship to vehicle insurance.  Most think of vehicle insurance as a single annual occurrence. You pay your premium every year […]

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How to Pay Off Debt Fast Using the Snowball Method

How to Pay Off Debt Using The Snowball Method

  If you have researched the Internet you’re probably aware of all the different methods and recommendations to pay off debt.  The Avalanche Method, the Stack Method, The Snowball Method, and the 0% Balance Transfer option are just some of the techniques. Depending on the author it could even be a combination of methods and recommendations. […]

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Saving Cash, Paying Off Debt, and Staying Motivated – When Pigs Fly

Saving Cash and Paying Off Debt - How to Stay Motivated!

  If you have made the decision to save cash, pay off debt and create a new lifestyle – great job.  I assure you, the plan you have will create many opportunities for you and your family in the future.     As you implement your plan and travel down the road to financial freedom, you […]

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