Self-Limiting Beliefs about Debt and the Boogeyman

  Note: due to the success of my first article Do You Have Self-Limiting Beliefs About Money?, and because I think our belief system can directly impact our ability to successfully manage our finances.  I thought I would follow-up with another post on self-limiting beliefs about debt.   In my previous article, I discussed three […]

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Simple Investing, A Beginners Guide to Understanding Investments & How to Get Started

Filling The Pig Simple Investing

  Does the world of investing sometimes seem like a Rubik’s Cube? Simple Investing is the third eBook in the Filling The Pig personal finance series of books.  It provides the next step for creating financial independence by teaching you how to make sense of the investment landscape, so you can make more money with […]

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Saving Cash, Paying Off Debt, and Staying Motivated – When Pigs Fly

Saving Cash and Paying Off Debt - How to Stay Motivated!

  If you have made the decision to save cash, pay off debt and create a new lifestyle – great job.  I assure you, the plan you have will create many opportunities for you and your family in the future.     As you implement your plan and travel down the road to financial freedom, you […]

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